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Apollo Instrumentation is a South African based, leader in Integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Software, Hardware and Infrastructure Solutions.

From security management to data, as well as cloud and business collaboration, Apollo offers intelligent solutions that connect South Africans to the world – supporting entrepreneurs, customers and commerce. Led by an extensive and highly experienced team of account managers and technical engineers, Apollo prides itself in ensuring world-class service and timeous implementation of solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

Apollo is committed to driving positive, sustainable and truly-embedded technological change across the continent. Our technology allows us to consistently deliver exceptional client experiences with relevant and user-friendly solutions. We understand the local landscape and tailor solutions to maximize sales and augment any business. We achieve optimal results by developing our capabilities and continuously improving work processes and organisational efficiency. We act with integrity, transparency and mutual respect – upholding our ethical principles.

Our Solutions at a Glance

We provide a seamless experience with crucial customer data being collected at every touch point. Our technology allows for the flow of information in a secure environment providing for all your needs in one solution: digital transactions (cashless), all forms of ticketing & access control, security solutions, tracking, payments, customer registration, vendor onboarding, reporting, smart locker solutions & AI Temperature Detection, Social Distancing and Contact Tracing solutions.

Digital Cash

Going cashless improves the speed of transactions and streamlines operations by removing the handling of cash from daily operations. Customers also tend to spend more when they are not paying with cash. Our cashless system works equally well in Attractions, Malls and events. Easy top up methods are available online, on mobile, automatically or on-site. Dynamic incentives, promotions and up-selling can be easily configured.

Apollo’s cashless payment solutions
can be integrated into your existing
point-of-sale. Our fully customizable
reporting engine will move your
business intelligence to the next level.

Ticketing &
Access Control


Say goodbye to endless queues, ticket fraud and chaos at the gates.

Ready to increase your revenue, decrease your costs and make your guests feel great? Our ticketing system moves your guests through the ticketing process and into the venue where they can start spending faster than ever. Online booking and Kiosks as well as faster turnstile scanning reduces the number of staff required. Powerful features allow season tickets, loyalty, groups, schools, packages to be simply implemented. Comprehensive reports and dashboards keep you informed on statistics in real time.

Advanced Security Solutions

Our advanced security solutions include revenue protection, loss protection and hardware and software solutions. Whether you’re brand new to this technology or simply looking to upgrade your software, we can help you!

Revenue Protection

Apollo’s range of security systems hardware are aesthetically pleasing and discrete. Theft, loss and poorly managed assets all contribute to reduced profits – our solutions are designed to help eliminate these problems.

Asset Tracking

Apollo’s asset tracking software provides real time visibility over your assets. Have immediate access to the exact location and status of your assets when you need it.

By utilising this managed solution that includes industry specific laundry tags, our system will assist you with asset control and replacement forecasting.

Our active or passive solutions in combination with our passive asset management system will prevent unauthorized removal of your valuable assets.

Hospitality Asset and Linen Monitoring

Many of South Africa’s leading hospitality service providers are already capitalizing on Apollo’s solutions to minimise risk and improve operational efficiencies. With exceptional integration capability, flexibility and longevity, Apollo’s solutions are perfect for the hospitality environment, providing true value across business operations, as well as a real return on investment.

Keep a watchful eye
Apollo’s intelligent linen tracking and management solution can extend your linen’s lifespan by more than 20%. According to reports approximately 90% of all hotel linen does not reach its expected lifespan. Experts further estimate that almost 20% of hotel towels are lost or stolen monthly. By introducing this solution to your business you can entirely eliminate this loss.

Manage and monitor your wash cycles
Prevent cases of communicable or transmissible diseases or virus and remain compliant with Covid-19 prevention regulations. With Apollo’s linen tracking solution you can keep a diligent eye on your linen handling allowing you to be in a better position to identify and manage risks to your staff and operations.

Smart Lockers

Our solutions include the use of the latest technology including RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, QR codes and Facial Recognition.

Smart Lockers
The Apollo Smart Locker Solution is configurable for any environment and compatible to integrate with third party software. Our simple to use and easy to manage smart lockers are available with either basic or advanced functions and come with either a RFID, keypad or manual locking system.

Keeping your possessions safe is always a concern today. We provide locking systems for every requirement from office workspaces and health clubs to hospitality and retail. We provide keypad, RFID, and key locks as well as the software to manage these locks. Our suppliers are international leaders and renowned for their quality products.


Software Development

Apollo creates flexible, bespoke solutions that can evolve alongside your business.

All our Software is developed locally which garners our competitive pricing and prevents you from dealing with volatile currency exchange rates.

  • Online Interactive Portal Development and Solutions
  • Integration of stand-alone and independent systems
  • Middle-Ware Development and Support
  • Web and Specialised App development – Andriod and IOS
  • Business Intelligence Architecture
  • Business Process Enhancement, Automation & Management
  • Customised Reporting

Security & Enhancements

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Tracking
  • Our solutions help our clients identify in real-time if hardhats, high visibility jackets, gloves, masks, footwear and other protective equipment are worn by employees entering company premises or certain areas where such equipment is required.

Social Distancing Tracing Identity – ASTRID

ASTRID is an end-to-end offering that provides real-time alerts to employees when they are within the parameters as defined by the employer (normally 2 meters or less apart). Wireless devices in the form of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wrist straps, pendants or key fobs are worn or carried by employees – these communicate with each other without the need for supervisory control. The data collected from these alerts are safely stored on a cloud-based portal whereby dashboards and analytical reports can be created, extracted and studied for trends and comparison. This reporting is crucial for organisational safety and responsiveness to employee safety during the prevalence of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Benefits of the ASTRID include speedy and economical deployment, real-time alert and incident logging, unobtrusive sensors with no supervisory input required and analysis trends and behavioural statistics. The ASTRID also utilises existing infrastructure to integrate the solution in the form of existing Access Points and Wi-Fi networks to merge the devices with virtual storage. This solution is not only useful during the period when organisations are preventing the spread of COVID-19 but is also a long-term investment that can be utilised after a cure for COVID-19 is discovered. This solution can be used to monitor staff safety and asset tracking in the Healthcare, Hospitality and Industrial environments.

To enable use in different situations, the technology has been developed in several formats from hand-held units to mounted cameras. The AI enabled heat sensor camera and software continuously scans crowds and identifies anyone with an elevated temperature as they enter facilities to locate and isolate risk. It is designed to alert company personnel in real-time so that any individual with a fever can be identified.

Real-Time Temperature Detection Camera

Apollo now offers you a suite of fever-screening solutions using thermal imaging to help you mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Our solutions, developed by adapting existing thermal imaging technology, assist in identifying individuals with a fever that may be symptomatic of Covid-19 as they enter public spaces, hospitals, retail units and other buildings.

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